Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing services are necessary for most commercial buildings. Many commercial pressure washing businesses mix their own special cleaning products with their equipment. Some might even use commercial grade commercial products for their cleaning purposes. However, the key here is always to make sure that the commercial pressure washing system they are using has precautions in place for the chemicals they are using.

commercial pressure washing

The biggest issue in commercial pressure washing is dirt. Commercial dirt includes grease, oil, and other types of stains. Gravel and rocks are often tough stains to remove from concrete and stone surfaces. And while it might be tempting to try to clean these stains yourself using commercial power washers, don’t do it. Commercial power washing equipment can really help get the dirt out, but you’ll often damage the surface you are working on and do even more damage to the floor underneath. It’s just not worth it.

Commercial sidewalks need regular cleaning to keep them looking nice. However, there are many types of stains and conditions that can prevent this from being possible. Persistent rain and snow can cause sidewalks to become slick and dirty. This makes it difficult to walk and can make for unpleasant and dangerous situations on the sidewalks. Fortunately, commercial pressure washing systems are available that will take care of this problem.

In the winter, a lot of dirt that hasn’t been cleaned up during the summertime comes off the sidewalks because the sidewalks are not covered with glass. Glass on sidewalks is made from a special material that reflects much of the sunlight. This allows light to shine through and reflect off the dirt, which is what causes most of the stains on the glass. When the sun shines, it creates UV rays which break down the stain causing it to loosen and fall off over time. A commercial pressure washing system can remove much of this dirt and grime during one treatment.

For busy city streets, it can be difficult to find time during the day to complete a power washing or commercial pressure washing job. It can be difficult to find someone to clean these jobs when it’s their first day on a weekend. This is where parking permits come in handy. Parking permits allow you to have a designated time during the day when you can complete your cleaning project, no matter the traffic.

Some stains on concrete may require the use of hot water and a power washer. Hot water is often required to remove stains from concrete as hot water does not effectively loosen the soil on concrete, especially in the case of dark stains. Power washing is not recommended for light colored stains as the chemical used can actually cause the stain to become even darker. Power washing is best for black stains that have sunk into and broken down into the concrete. If your commercial pressure washing or power washing chemicals are unable to lift this type of dirt then you may need to call in a professional.

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