Nangs What’s So Great About Them?


We know it as “whippings” – but the sound of cheap nitrogen fuel powering fast-paced fun is called “nangs“. Whippings are similar to the sound of chainsaws roaring, except they’re powered by nitrous. Nangs are cheap nitrous cylinders used for recreational vehicle driving – but also a tool every truck driver should have in their trunk. For anyone living in Northern Canada, this means a steady stream of cheap nitrous for fueling trucks and cars for days at a time.

Whipping nitrous oxide fuel is usually sold under the name of “chargers”, but no one calls it nitrous chargers. Bingeing on “whippings” (also called nozzles, bulbs and whippers) long canisters of cheap nitrous oxide fuel designed only for occasional whipping cream-flavored nozzles, but with the potential to be misused as an addictive recreational tool. Last week, the Canadian woman was laughing gas instead of whipped cream in her truck. That’s a pretty bad combination.

Nitrous chargers are often used recreationally by truckers, racing teams and anyone who wants to build an RC car out of something other than a carburetor. They are used to power glow-in-the-dark tackle lights for night racing at night. Nitrous charged nozzles (or “chargers”) can be used to get rid of battery charge and keep nitrous powered vehicles on the road. Many RC enthusiasts find this an appealing option to battery reconditioning or other similar problems.

There is a difference between using nangs as a weapon and a fuel supplement though. Inhaling large doses of laughing gas produces a very different feeling than ingesting small doses of nitrous oxide. The former produces a rush of energy through the entire body, much like the sensation you get after jogging or riding a bicycle. The latter produces a more relaxed feeling. Nitrous is usually ingested in very small doses and then the effect is usually felt through the head, which makes it very different from the oral or intravenous consumption of carbolic acid which is what happens when you take the active ingredient orally or put it into your vein through the vein.

Nangs as a fuel supplement should not be confused with nitrous pills. Nitrous pills are actually a class of drugs used under the name of methaqualone. These are usually blue in color, contain no gums and are usually combined with an anti-depressant so they produce a short term calming effect. When taken as directed, they produce very little effects, if any, at all. Nangs are, however, very potent as an oxygen source and may be sufficient to allow one to run faster and for longer periods of time.

Modern research has shown that the effects produced by the inhaled dose of the laughing gas Nangs are quite powerful and pose no threat to health. Modern medical practitioners however still recommend that you use the drug in conjunction with other medications such as anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. Using Nangs without consulting your doctor or pharmacist is not recommended, nor is using it as a last resort or “to see you through” measure. For best results, use this remedy in conjunction with something that will help reduce or eliminate your addiction to nitrous oxide. That something should be either an intervention by your medical care provider or a self-administered sublingual dose of a non-nitrous oxide pill.

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