Types of Coffee Mugs

Looking for the ideal method to sip on your favorite hot beverage? Love hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate and much more in coffee mugs and also tea cups. Whatever your cup method maybe coffee, tea or hot chocolate mugs can be found in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some even have cute animals on them, such as little kittens and puppies. Whatever your cup type there are a range of styles to suit your taste, from the large insulated travel mug to the miniature insulated mug.

Coffee mugs

Travel Mugs: these are ideal for coffee addicts or those on the go. A great travel mug will allow you to enjoy your favourite beverage whilst traveling from one location to another. These coffee mugs come insulated and can be used whilst travelling, or for hot chocolate and hot cocoa. The insulated travel mug allows the user to drink their favourite beverage without the fear of it melting or getting warm.

Ceramic and Clay Mugs: these are one of the most popular forms of coffee mugs. Both ceramic and clay mugs have a unique appearance that is sure to impress both customers and potential clients. Ceramic coffee mugs have the advantage over clay mugs in that they are heat resistant. Therefore, coffee beans will not burn their way through your ceramic mug. Clay mugs can break easily but a ceramic mug can be re-used time again.

Porcelain and Stainless Steel Mugs: these are usually made from stainless steel but some companies now produce a ceramic mug which combines the functionality of stainless steel with the classic appearance of porcelain. They are usually made from ceramic but also come in various colours. A stainless steel mug is usually either black or green but nowadays there are also black and white ones available. These coffee mugs are usually made of stainless steel but you can also purchase them in ceramic.

Bone China Mugs: these mugs are usually not porcelain and so have a very different look about them. In fact, bone China mugs are very unusual as the general belief is that porcelain is a material used by bones! These bone China mugs are made from natural materials and look just like a ceramic mug.

A good thing about bone China mugs is that they usually hold a great deal of weight so they are more durable than other mugs. As with any ceramic mug, you can heat up your bone China mug and then use it for beverages such as tea. The advantage of using a bone China mug instead of a steel or plastic mug is that it looks really smart. You can find several designs online that would go very well with any kitchen design.

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